12 October 2012

Ozzy B – Lovers Riddim ft. Retro Dee

Ozzy B reaches into the depths of love and heartbreak with new his new music “Lovers Riddim”featuring Retro Dee.
Ozzy remarks about his new single saying, “Lovers Riddim is the soundtrack for everybody. The song was inspired by the nature of women”. The track, produced byGMK (Grand Master King), introduces Ozzy B
with a new style mixing the feel of an early 90′s RnB with the fresh style of today’s flow.

“Lovers Riddim” will be the lead single off of Ozzy B’s upcoming mixtape “Diary of a Loner II”and represents the growth of Ozzy B’s music since the release of the instantaneous hit of”Diary of a Loner” (which currently has over 10,000 downloads to date).

While “Lovers Riddim” peruses the streets, Ozzy B will be finishing preparations for”DOAL II” as well working on a video for another single “Zanto”.

BB: 330264FB

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