04 November 2012


SOJ, Supernova Jamsta, born 13th August, 1987, is a straight up naija Hip-hop artiste. Has raps and lyrics that blend on any beat, a style quite significant and different.
He has so much love for the music, his heart beats for it he once said..

SOJ: "Its all I really know how to do naturally, its what I want to give to my society.. Just hope the world is ready and willing to accept me."
This mixtape 'SUPERNOVA JAMSTA_DA MIXTAPE'  is just the beginning, the start of a new thing, thanks to the mastering Studios team, TY_Magic, OluwaSkempy and of course MJE, Music Junkies Entertainment.
Fresh to the industry, but quite an oldie to the music. Have a listen, hear for yourself.


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