17 December 2013


Idrees Olawale Sanni, popularly known by his stage name,KIDDY, told WESTWILL
in this interview some of the secrets of his success and his plans. Excerpts:

KIDDY; Hey everyone. My real names are Idrees Olawale Sanni. Fun, loving and a hardworking person.

WESTWILL; When and where were you born?
KIDDY; Only my mum knows the answer to where I was born. So chill, let me ask her. I was born on January 30, 199….

WESTWILL; How did you derive that name?
KIDDY; Wonder is the measurement of miracle. I funkified it. Kid-Wonder, which means “Unique ‘Kharisma’ of a young Unique Singer”.but im now KIDDY

WESTWILL; why the change of name ?
KIDDY; im sorry to disappoint you,its sumthing i would like to keep private

WESTWILL; How would you describe your growing up, education, background and early influences ?
KIDDY; Growing up, all thanks to God for that. Education, let’s just say I’m a student. Background: I grew up with my mum. My dad left for the United States of America since I was eight years. I’m the first born. I’ve got a junior brother that I love crazy.

WESTWILL; But your fans would love to know about your school and your study choice….
KIDDY; Okay. I used to be a student of Osun State University then long p happened. And don’t ask! Let’s just say I’m taking a break from school for now. I’m sure my fans know that already. Well, University of Lagos boy 2014. I guess I’m a little ready for school.

WESTWILL; So why music? Why did you choose this profession?
KIDDY; It has been my passion for a long time. I just knew I had to do it. I’m in love with music. It’s my first love.

WESTWILL; Who are you role models, mentors or heros?
KIDDY; I’ve always been a crazy D’banj, Wizkid, 2face and Olamide fan locally. In Nigeria, I look up to D’banj and Wizkid mostly. Internationally, a lot. Justin bieber, Kanye, chrisbrown, nicki minaj, lil wayne,trey songz.

WESTWILL; Fashion? Friends?
KIDDY; I don’t have friends. Hmm…. But no man is an island.

WESTWILL; Well, if u don’t have friends how would you describe your fashion sense?
KIDDY; I have plenty shakara ooo. But I definitely look good every time

WESTWILL; What inspires your outfits? Which is your most comfortable attire?
KIDDY; That depends on where I’m going to and my mum helps me pick sometimes

WESTWILL; Do you have any style icon? Any favourite designer? Any favorite perfume?
KIDDY; Yes, I do. Sorry to disappoint you but D’banj and Wizkid are also my style. I’m just a snap back version. I really wear any perfume I see on my mum’s dressing mirror.X_X

WESTWILL; What is your major challenge and how did you manage or still manage it?
KIDDY; One of my major challenges is circulating my music everywhere but all is well. Because GOD gat me. I’m an overcomer so I always overcome!

WESTWILL; What is a typical day in your life like? Describe yourself in three words
KIDDY; Typical day for me would be studio, PlayStation and probably mum’s shop. Three words: I’m a sweet boy, funny and very unserious.

WESTWILL; As a very attractive guy, how do you manage your female/male fans? Is there any upcoming project or anything new your fans should expect soon or in the nearest future? What label are you signed onto?
KIDDY; Female fans? Well, I handle them right…. I love girls naturally…. So music gives me great chances to know loads of them. Yeah, new things are coming up from next year. Expect an EP album. Want to surprise you all. I won’t say more.

WESTWILL; What inspires your songs? Who and what do you think is a competition to you in your industry?
KIDDY; I get inspired by girls mostly and people around me, things around me and my mood. No competition. I’m storming the industry. Wizkid is a brother so I’m not competing. Well, aside from him, I’m good! My fan base are my fans.

WESTWILL; What is your brand? Aside your career, what else do you do? What are you plans in for the next five years? How often do you work with upcoming acts?
KIDDY; My brand is unique, loads of inner structure…. You guys will find out yourselves soon. Aside music, just to make money.*LOL Next five years? God knows the best but I hope for the top. Since I be upcoming too, I’m not d’banj or 2face yet, so I work with my friends Karatkid, Kidakudz, Fedy, Mayze, Brahim, Domsick, Splash, etc. I have songs with almost all of my friends. We’re all upcoming. God will lift us up. Amen o.

WESTWILL; Which are you favourite quotes?
KIDDY; We create our destiny. No man can change God’s plan for our lives. I think that’s right.

WESTWILL; Has your relationship with your fans and family changed since you came to limelight?
KIDDY; Nah!!! Like I said earlier, my brother is my joy and my mom, hmm…. She’s my everything.. We still do the same old things. I keep making songs, non-stop. To all the girls that love me, I love u all too. To my male fans, God bless u all. Please keep supporting. To Kammy Dray and Bibi, God bless. #TeamKiddy #KiddyLovers and follow me on twitter @official_Kiddy and instagram »» @Dat_Kiddy

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