19 September 2012

Forbes Richest Americans.

Forbes today released its 2012 ranking of America's richest 400 billionaires...and Bill Gates remains the nation’s richest man for the 19th year running. See the top 10 below...

1. Bill Gates, Medina, Wash., $66 billion
2. Warren Buffett, Omaha, $46 billion
3. Larry Ellison, Woodside, Calif., $41 billion
4. Charles Koch, Wichita, Kan., $31 billion
5. David Koch, New York City, $31 billion
6. Christy Walton & family, Jackson, Wyo., $27.9 billion
7. Jim Walton, Bentonville, Ark., $26.8 billion
8. Alice Walton, Fort Worth, Texas, $26.3 billion
9. S. Robson Walton, Bentonville, Ark., $26.1 billion
10. Michael Bloomberg, New York City, $25 billion
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg was the biggest dollar loser in the latest ranking. He dropped from No.14 on the list to No. 36 due to this company’s lackluster IPO in May. See more at Forbes.com

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