21 November 2012

WESTWILL MEETS @Rae_em... host @wheelsn

Raymond Emamezi a.k.a Rae'em is a young artiste under triva records and hails from delta state, he started music immediately after secondary school in 2006 and graduated from Delta State University in 2011 and currently serving in osun state... After he released the remix of his single (mama roll) ft. yung6ix, the buzz made realize we had to interrogate with the rapper/singer. ENJOY
WESTWILL: who is rae'em and what does he do?
Rae'em: Well Rae'Em Real names Raymond Emamezi is a Rapper coming out the south south, Music is What I do.

WESTWILL: Please tell us a little about yourself and your background?
Rae'em: Well I'm from a family of 7, Dad, mom and 4 siblings, I'm the first, with a brother and three sisters. I'm of the Isoko tribe in Delta state. Attended the Federal Government College Warri, Delta State for my secondary Education from 2000 to 2006 and attended The Delta state University from 2007 to 2011, My life was basically centered around Delta state as you can see.

WESTWILL: so what inspired you to do music?
Rae'em: Hmm.. Well first off I've always loved music, but I was more into the soulful touching genres as that was what my mom was fond of, I was mostly surrounded by that, until I got into Secondary school, saw a new side of life in the boarding house, most peeps were into rap music, I can remember specifically Poshi, Evans and Punisha be all about arguing about 2pac and Biggie, 50cent and Ja Rule, so that's what drew my interest towards the Rap Hip Hop Genre, I was just fascinated by the rappers' personality, The poetry and the style by which the conveyed their thoughts. Started writing little stuff here and there. Was good with puns and wordplay before I knew that's what they were termed. But I never thought I'd do music. I'll say here that the Drive to do music started when M.I hit the industry. Was in a facebook rap group at the time and they crowned me their wordplay and punchline king, I knew I had something going up there in my head, used to rap to songs, used to write mine and do some funny freestyles, but soon as I heard M.I safe and anoti, then got the album, The shit just went really practical and I started hitting the studio.

Voicing in the studio turned an addiction, as I found out that rapping live, or in the booth was a different ball game, I was never pleased with whatever I did and the passion to get better sucked me deeper into that world, I researched stuff, listen to a lot more stuff, practiced! I even 'acquired' street experience(don't ask me how lol) .It turned part of me and all I could think was Music! Rap! And till date I'm still not satisfied with me.. So deeper and deeper I go and Deeper I'll keep going.. But people like my stuff.. So yeah..

WESTWILL: When precisely did u start music and how did u come about your stage name
Rae'em: Started recording stuff here and there to better myself, right after secondary school that was 2006. Didn't gain admission into the university immediately so I lost a year.. Or should I say..gained a year?.. Had time to mix up with alota people who were into music in my hood, Ughelli Town. Hooked up with Dr Flezzy, a producer/artiste then in the Waff City Cartel W.C.C group, which Yung6ix was part of. I recorded my first track "glide mode" which was a disaster delivery wise, with Flezzy and some numerous tracks too.. I learnt a lot in that one year. Especially with the support and encouragement from the people I met, Fomeh, Chooxy, B-raiz, Yung-X, O'tee Beatz, Yung6ix and a lot others..so that's where it started from... Then the stage name I can remember when Fomeh was suggesting em, in church.. Hahaha.. I just picked Rae'Em and it stuck.. People don't get the pronunciation right some times though.. *sigh
Mixing Education and hustle must have been a tough but definitely a fruitful journey so far.
Talking about hustle paying off
WESTWILL: are u signed currently to any record label ?
Rae'em: Well I'm under one Triva Records.

WESTWILL: u def have committed fans and I'm a proud 1..How do you deal with pressure of handling female fans?
Rae'em: Oh thank you! That's nice to know, well for now I've not gotten mobbed by female fans, so let's say I'm still safe. I treat both my male and female supporters equally though, and I try to reply when they holler.. Yeah.

WESTWILL: rae' You get girlfriend?:>
Rae'em: Lmao.. Not at this moment
WESTWILL: which artiste do you currently admire globally nd locally ?
Rae'em: A lot of artistes are doing really well for themselves, apart from my admiration for their skills, I admire their success as well, and they too numerous to mention but to name a few I'd say Naeto C, M.I, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage... And on the global scale I'd say Rick Ross, J.Cole, Lil Wayne.. Uhmm Kendrick Lamar... !

WESTWILL: what major thing would you change about the nigeria entertainment if you have the power to
Rae'em: The segregation, Language barrier... Plus I wish things were more organized.. But ​​Йą small small we go get there

WESTWILL: Any future projects we should anticipate? Single, Video Album, Tour, Anything?
Rae'em: Ah yes! Definitely! My first official single mama roll which I just dropped a remix to featuring Yung6ix is making waves now just as I'd hoped, its just the beginning of it all, A video to that will drop soon and other tracks will be released before or/and after that. My team and I working hard, and there's a lot more stuff the world is yet to hear and See about Rae'Em!

WESTWILL: Aii...so we are getting to the end of this..buh b4 u leave "DROP a freestyle 4 us using WESTWILL"
Rae'em: Leggo.. Stuff been a lil choked up! I'm a breath of fresh air...sorta like strepsils
out to make my own..kinda Like Kanye.. He didn't need the WestWill
sorry tho lol, I need you!

WESTWILL: Hahaha* Now that’s Dope; thanks for pulling through rae'...its a wrap*
DOWNLOAD  mama roll ft yung6ix


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