12 September 2012

Russell Simmons "Educates" Jay-Z on Occupy Wall Street

Russell Simmons and Jay-Z have been really close friends over the course of their respective and extensive careers. While they certainly see eye-to-eye on particular issues, the Occupy Wall Street movement is not one of them. The Brooklyn rap mogul recently revealed that he actually doesn't support the movement, citing that it has an unclear and confusing goal. After reading Jay's comments, Simmons decided to attempt to "educate" Hov on the aims of Occupy Wall Street in an essay entitled, "Jay-Z Is Right 99 Times, But This Ain't One."

"As a person who cares deeply about Occupy Wall Street, I have to honor their year-long effort and educate my long-time friend, Jay-Z." He then began to list some of the reasons as to why Jay should stand behind the movement. Simmons says "it would make a big difference to poor people. As the same man that said he would pay more taxes if it helped educate more children and create affordable healthcare, Jay-Z's words matter. He was honest enough to say that he didn't understand it. A lot of Americans don't."

Simmons finished up by talking to Jay directly, saying it's almost impossible for anyone to come from where they do without some change being made to the government.

"Jay, here's the deal. You're rich and I'm rich. But, today it's close to impossible to be you or me and get out of Marcy Projects or Hollis, Queens without changing our government to have our politicians work for the people who elect them and not the special interests and corporations that pay them. We must take our democracy off the market and let the world know that it is no longer for sale! Mic check!"

Source: rapfix.mtv.com

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