16 October 2012

Coxson Lelebori Lucky Declared Wanted for Aluu4 Killings

Coxson Lelebori Lucky, (aka Bright), has been declared wanted by the Nigerian Police for the widely publicised & horrific murder of four of Nigeria's future leaders: Ugunna Obuzor, 18, 200 Level Geology; Lloyd Toku, 19, 200 Level Civil Engineering; Tekena Elkanah, 20, a Diploma Technical student and Chiadaka Odinga, 20, 200 Level Theatre Arts.
According to rumours in the Aluu community, Coxson was owing one of the Aluu 4 money and instead of paying up when they came for the money, a false alarm was raised by Coxson, calling them thieves. That alarm led to their horrific death at the hands of the eil, idle youthsof the community.
21 people have aso been arrested in connection to the murder, and the IG of police has ordered an inquest into the alleged involvement of police men and has promised to bring to book any officer found involved in the killing.
We all hope and pray that whoever was involved is arrested, and that justice wont be tempered with mercy.

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