16 October 2012

[VIDEO] This Sexy Girl Was Sripped Naked for Stealing At Shop Rite

I seriously dunno what's wrong wih our youths (males especialy) in Nigeria. Is it idleness, joblessness, or just plain wickednes?

After the muh publicised Aluu4 killings, who would have thought a group of evil-minded males would again strip a girl naked and abuse her?

This girl was caught stealing "I-Don't-Know-What" at Shop Rite, and these group of males decided the best thng to do was to strip her naked and insert objects into her vagina!! That is simply horrific! Where do such thoughts originate from? What happened to the Police? they ould have take her to the Police Station where she would get justice according to the laws of the State. No on should take laws into their own hands. Hell NO! God help us all.

You can watch the saddening video if you wish (Viewer Discretion Is Advised).

1 comment:

avtomat kalashnikov said...

Its really wicked. But the girl blaming guys, should know that females tend to be of more luck than their male counter parts, because the only reason the guys who stole were beating to death was because they were guys. So, let her stop blaming it on the guys and turn to the police.

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