18 October 2012

[GISTS] Tonto Dikeh Offers N1m For #POKO Decoding

Following the release of her tracks yesterday, Tonto Dikeh has offered a One Million Naira gift to whoever decodes what her nickname #POKO means.

She has been known to answer to the nickname #POKO, and her Hummer H2 number plate is also customized with 'POKO'.

She yesterday tweeted this:  "Anyone who decodes what Poko is, I'll give a million bucks (Naira). If you do get it correctly, you'll have to prove it's source. Because my Poko means a lot to me. #POKO."

And because of the Doubting Thomas-es, she again tweeted:  "I f*cking say what I mean. I said I'll fly in a fan, I did. I said 1million (Naira) on Poko. And I'm serious. #POKO#."

So, let the race begin. Let's see who wins the One Million Naira gift...

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