31 January 2013


You get a pedicure, gorgeous painted feet, put on your boots and there all covered up? Bummer! Pretty sure this was the inspiration behind whoever came up with Peep Toe Booties! So stylish and practical! Go with pretty much anything and adds an edge to any outfit! They've been on the shelves for a long while, but I'm seeing them rise to the top of the shoe charts this year!!
Kimmy Cakes loves them! She's rocked them in all sorts of ways, but I favour these two examples! Love with the dress and her jumpsuit!
Arghh! Gwen Stefani! Don't you just love this look? Girl on the go or Rockstar on the go! Shes rocking a pair of her own design! Love them! So trendy with jeans and leather!

Khloe Kardashian is so getting me! She's in them on and off the red carpet! Love her in peep toe booties!
Whats with Peep toe booties and sequins? I honestly don't know. But Alicia Keys and Brandy sure do! They both look Fab in them!
Lala in a Tan Leather pair! Options are endless with Peep Toe Booties, they come in all sort of colours and materials!
Jennifer Hudson casually in a studded pair by Givenchy! Really like em!
Its a walk on the wild side when there coloured or patterned! Don't Nicki Minaj know!
In my book of "Looks Of All Times" is this picture! In love with Teyana Taylors laced up peep toe booties! This look is so hot!
Argh!!! Victoria Beckham! She always takes it to the max! Her version is insane! Love how she rocked them! A lot!
#Throwback! Rihanna and Ciara in laced up peep toe booties! Can't pick a fav look, I just know all 4 looks are on point!
Christian Loboutin have a very sexy selection of Peep Toe Ankle Boots! These 2 pairs I adore!
River Island! I need to cop these both a.s.a.p before i'm told there sold out!!! End times!

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