05 February 2013


White Collar Dresses! Such a versatile style of dress! Julia Roberts looks elegant in hers! Alexa Chung looks  edgy in hers and Pippa looks cute in hers! Fashion phenomenon! The dress is obviously inspired by the whole male tuxedo look, its crazy how feminine it manages to come across! A look i feel anyone can pull off as there's so many ways to wear it! Check them out below...

Had no idea it could be sexy! Well as sexy as this! Angela Simmons looks amazing in her version! Wow! Would have loved it still without the exposed cleavage area, actually I would of preferred it that way. Nevertheless its still a very hot dress!
*shy face* Got myself one too! lol! Love at first sight when I saw it on www.missguided.co.uk Think it was the lace that won me over! So inspired by the Angela Simmons look above! No I won't be cutting a hole in the middle LOL! But instead next time I'll try rocking it with red lips and a messy bun!

I love her too much! She executed this look so well TWICE! Mrs Beckham! Loving the nude version! Style comes naturally for some, I say this all the time...

Alexa Chung! Again, but this time she is wearing a white shirt underneath a black dress! Duh! Why didn't I think of this Fashion Loop Hole! Clever Alexa!
Chanel Iman! Almost had me fooled too! She just added an attachable white collar to her Valentino dress! -__-  lol!

Spot the designer? Valentino on the right and www.attitudeclothing.co.uk on the left. Two beautiful dresses only difference is the price...
Valentino oh Valentino! They pushed the dress even further and created this pink number! I love it! I want!!

The pink is adorable! Alesha Dixon looks gorgeous in hers! Love the dress with pointed pumps!
My runway inspired dress from www.missguided.co.uk!!! Ain't she gorgeous?!
No exaggeration when I say that this dress is versatile and comes in all shapes, styles and sizes!

Valentino are not letting this go! Their latest collection features patent leather collar dresses! Futuristic!! Can't wait to see who's gonna rock this first and how! I bet Kerry Washington or Zoe Saldana, I see them both look amazing in this dress!

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